By Chad Tuthill

1. Seafood Royalty

There are a lot of great seafood restaurants to choose from in Charleston, but it’s no stretch of the imagination to proclaim Hank’s Seafood Restaurant the king. Voted “Best Seafood Restaurant” in Charleston every year by the Charleston City Paper for 15 years running, Hank’s attracts locals and tourists alike – and they keep coming back. The juxtaposition of the restaurant’s distressed and aged exterior to the refined and classy interior guarantee an interesting dining experience. With entrees like the Lowcountry Bouillabaise, Curried Shrimp, and Broiled Maine Lobster, seafood lovers have a nice variety of gourmet classics sure to make you bend the knee to King Hank. For a fantastic night of dining on the fruit of the sea, make it Hank’s Seafood Restaurant.

Hank’s Seafood Restaurant
(843) 723-3474
10 Hayne St, Charleston, SC 29401

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